DnD Systems I.T Mallorca System Auditing and Web design in Mallorca

Our systems auditing service can determine the current state of your server, network and workstations. The reliability of your firewall, your antivirus, how prone you are to attacks or data theft. We like you to know the exact state of your network and systems maybe allow you to overview the productivity of an employee, what he has worked on, and how long it took.
Trust in your system, server, workstation and employees is very important, this is why we provide the very important service so that with just a glance to have an entire overview of your complete systems allowing for less hardware software maintenance.

Services Mallorca Network Solutions

Like your car, you want your network and servers to run well and last a long time. To do that, they both need regular maintenance. DnD Systems Mallorca offers Computer server Services mallorca and network set-up, installation and maintenance programs to keep your business technology up and running at optimal performance. Our IT consultants and engineers will provide regularly scheduled maintenance that will keep your network and servers up-to-date and secure.

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Service in Mallorca

Every server or network owner or manager wants a stable & reliable network, getting there involves a proactive approach & regular computer network maintenance and monitoring by our certified IT Professionals. Whether its a Fixed Price Maintenance plan or maintenance as needed, our team is available.

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backup and recovery

Database backup is vital for protection against data loss, but often demands significant resources. we give supports major databases, such as SQL, MySQL and Oracle, and lets you restore an entire database or selected database objects easily.
Your data is irreplaceable and invaluable, through not having the correct backup facilities and procedures in place you could lose an entire hard drive of data through so little as an electrical storm. DnD Systems Mallorca have the knowledge to create a double fail safe backup maintenance plan.

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Server Operating System and Software Installation

Upgrading an operating system can mean countless hours of computer configuring and customizing that only professionals can perform. Our Pc server services Mallorca technicians are specially trained in a variety of server operating systems and we can save you substantial amounts of future time and money by creating a full systems backup in the event of any future issues meaning a speedy restore! Our server services technicians will be able to provide you with the solutions to tackle any issues.

Repair and Upgrade Servers and networks

A server or network that stops functioning or that is lagging with old outdated hardware can harm the rest of a computer network and become a business nightmare especially when it slows down productivity. An I.T Mallorca technician can isolate the problematic workstation, server or network component and can repair, replace or upgrade it to restore the networks peek performance. While a small percentage of procedures require a trip to our own I.T Mallorca workbench, most of our server, computer or network work is performed directly on site.

An older server, computer or an outdated piece of hardware or software can be the cause of an entire networks performance problems. Restoring optimum network performance requires not only the ability to upgrade the computer and its software, but also skill to recognize the need. Our I.T Mallorca network, Pc server services Mallorca experts can re-boost your computer systems

Server and network Maintenance Mallorca

Users SHOULD be aware that backups are one of the most important part of owning a server or workstations but rarely anybody takes advantage of this option. Any computer system is prone to unexpected hardware failure, a computer server will crash and can destroy the data it contains without warning, this can cripple a business that depends on it. Here at I.T Mallorca, we can tailor design a monthly or weekly maintenance to ensure an up to date backup, functioning fans to ensure proper airflow and even clean out any accumulating dust that can become damp causing system failure.
Beyond backups and server hardware cleaning, computers require other regular maintenance. at DnD Systems I.T Mallorca we can also keep your databases clean, clear caches, run defragmentations, update software and security holes, manage licenses and all of this can be done remotely at late hours to not interrupt or slow down your daily life.
Computer servers are a vital part of successful operations, as we all know, retaining a full time professional computer service technician can be very costly. Our Network, Pc server services Mallorca can be a cost efficient solution to let you concentrate on more productive areas of your life or business

Network Computers and servers services Mallorca

Businesses that are just starting out or not large enough to afford their own personal IT departments may find it impossible to install and operate their own in-house server network. However, this is not unachievable. Any business yacht or even a home with an advanced computer or server network can manage and maintain their own servers and network by outsourcing their server maintenance to our highly trained team of experts. Our nework pc server services mallorca company can assist you in multiple areas.

CRM, CMS, ERP, WEBs, Ecommerce and SEO by DnD Systems Mallorca

We know how to help you to save time and money with solutions that your Company or commerce need, from Firewalls, Virtualization, and CRM/ERP Systems and much more!

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Computer Server Services Mallorca

Just wanted to say hi and tell the world that I very glad with this company. they are great and it feels that everything has been sorted out well. always they are there for help us in our projects!

Michael Curtis Microhard main developer
Computer Server Services Mallorca

very professional and honest I can only say good things about DnDsytems and the team, alway helping and doing a very good job there is not claims!

Gregory Murrey Microhard main developer
Computer Server Services Mallorca

Thanks Dnd systems for installed us our new CPD and networks! what can we say!? we need solutions and you make them possible! all the hardware and software are working 100%

Marc hoffmann fitness Trainer