Installation and Hardware Software maintenance of computer systems

Tune up your company with a comprehensive maintenance systems. DND SYSTEMS offers maintenance systems suitable to You needs through a safe and continuous service. Specialized in computer maintenance for small and medium business to large enterprise, are the external Team you need, without extra staff costs and structure but with the benefits of technical assistance on-site or remotely in less than 24 hours for the repair of computers.

BASIC CONTRACT DND SYSTEMS – . , This contract is to maintain the installation, computer and systems running in perfect condition , being infoucus for companies whose business depends entirely on your computer systems , to have both preventive and reactive services , and require constant computer maintenance .

What will be included in the Hardware Software maintenance contract?

– The computer hardware and components that are within them.
– The operating and office software system that is installed on them.
– Security against viruses, networks , internet access and email.
– Unlimited phone consultations to resolve faults or incidents.
– Unlimited number of hours of assistance at home or laboratory client on their computer systems.

This will act as follows :
There will be a phone number where you can report any incidents or queries about a possible repair of computers, office hours .
If a query or issue can not be resolved by telephone, a technician will visit you offices within 24 hours of receipt of the damage , the number of operations per year and unlimited , thereby guaranteeing constant maintenance of computers.

An overhaul of computers at the start of the contract , in order to leave all systems functioning properly performed. Then after each visit a report with computer maintenance work performed will be issued.
Excluded are parts that are used in the repair of computers.

DND SYSTEMS has a network of technicians who can solve any problem urgently and , if desired , without any maintenance contract for computers. It is ideal for individuals or occasional service problems , including:

– Installation, maintenance and repair of computer systems.
– Clean virus.
– Installation of ADSL and Fiber Optic lines.
– Installation and maintenance of networks.
– Installation of software and operating systems .
– General review of computers.

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It’s easy today to think computers are now so advanced that they don’t need monitoring or maintenance. That they should simply work perfectly at all times.
The reality is that your servers, networks and workstations are a collection of complex machines & software that are prone electrical faults, viruses, user error, and simple manufacturing faults. They communicate performing trillions of calculations within just a second, using hundreds of parts and wires, and under constant assault by the processing needs of the applications, unwanted viruses and spyware, dust, heat and their own users.

Because of these factors, your computers, servers and workstations in Mallorca require regular computer servicing & maintenance to ensure to maintain optimal computing performance.
At DnD Systems Mallorca we offer this maintenance service due to the quantity of companies and user that are unaware of the complications and failures that can arise by just using a computer

DnD Systems Mallorca maintenance and monitoring plans are flexible depending on your support needs. so contact us for a system maintenance quote for a detailed maintenance plan.

DnD Systems Hardware and Software Maintenance and Management Mallorca contact us for more information