Different Virtualization Technologies


Find a major data center anywhere in the world that doesn't use VMware, VMware dominates the market of server virtualization. this domination doesn't stop with its commercial product, vSphere ESXI. VMware also dominates the desktop-level virtualization market and perhaps even the free server virtualization with its VMware Server product open source. VMware remains in the dominant spot due to its innovations, strategic partnerships and the must important is a rock-solid products


Citrix was once the lone wolf of application virtualization, but now it also owns the world's most-used cloud vendor software: Xen (the basis for its commercial XenServer). Amazon uses Xen for its Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) services. So do Rackspace, Carpathia, SoftLayer and 1and1 for their cloud offerings. On the corporate side, you're in good company with Bechtel, SAP and TESCO.


If Oracle's world domination of the enterprise database server market over Microsoft SQL Server, doesn't impress you, its acquisition of Sun Microsystems now makes it an impressive virtualization player that are into the greatest. Additionally, Oracle owns an operating system (Sun Solaris), and count with multiple virtualization software solutions (Solaris Zones, LDoms and xVM) and server hardware (SPARC). With a unstoppable force (Oracle) You get the Oracle-centered Data Center.


Microsoft came up with the only non-Linux hypervisor, Hyper-V, to compete in a tight server virtualization market that VMware currently dominates. Not easily outdone in the data center space, Microsoft offers attractive licensing for its Hyper-V product and the operating systems that live on it. For all Microsoft shops, Hyper-V is a competitive solution. And, for those who have used Microsoft's Virtual PC product, virtual machines migrate to Hyper-V quite nicely.

what is Server virtualization and Data center?

First of all , what is virtualization ? , Some of you may know and others do not , virtualization is a major advance in computing cause allows us running severals operating system equal to or completely different without having anothers computer or servers, that translates to significant savings and better management of information.
facilitating backup and making it easier to recover a system from a total disaster.
virtualization as not subject to a machine or hardware is very easy to pass it to another host and continue working.
in the case of having networked storage systems, the time to transfer to a second host is practically nothing.
Virtualization server is being a breakthrough in CPD (Data Processing Center) allows on a media server hardware characteristics, run different servers saving on space, energy and money
the virtualization server helps us in time, money and simplicity of CPD and you do not need a server for each task. A single server can do the work of a large number of computers.
as Virtual Machine technology experts DnDSyS offers expertise in this important area for growing businesses. improving your structure and virtualized your servers

What is the cost of virtualizing my servers or data center?

Implementation is reduced drastically arriving to 30% of creation this is a 70% less of hardware. Comparing with a normal CPD with a hardware for each task, you will be using less space, energy and sources!
As the same name says is create virtual environment using less hardware having the same performance as a physical hardware, virtualization is the future as cloud services, but for the moment the cloud have a problem! if you have no Internet access or your systems providers falls also you company will falls with them! for this reason the most relevant and important information should be storage in house and why not! have a copy or clone in the cloud.
Doing this always you information will be save and doesn´t matter where you are you´ll have access to all!
Virtualization server have more advantages than disadvantage, it is always more recommend to have a second server to use it in case of being necessary for break of the principal one.
But if we have in mind that normally we need a server for each function, 2 or 3 servers for the virtualization it is not at all so bad!!! if we compare, that normally we have, a controller of domain, and so many time a second one, server of documents and print, server for applications that can be more than one, Db server and we can continue!

Why the Virtualization of my server or Data Center?

That Question have a very easy answer! The most Important Part in Virtualization is that you can save Money and Time! This is one of the best characteristics and there are more! You can in any time create new machines for different task or for test software and other functions. Is the best way to do it without miss our main system.

made backup from the hole operation system in realtime and recovery in minutes the complete server, you can move the appliance between virtual host so fast and always have the information when you needed and must important you will sleep better knowing that all you systems and data will be save!