Solutions for Computer & Server and installations, Support and Maintenance Mallorca

We count with an extended catalog of services for computer and server in Mallorca, DnD systems can help in the maintenance and installations of server and computers, we are working over the high standards and we implement the ITIL in all our jobs.

We have a mission to keep you enterprise, business and home communicated and always running under any circumstance.

We can design you maintenance plan, give you the support and consulting in technical themes that you need reconfigured and keep you actual Data center, connect your offices and give you access to your data whenever you are!

Network design and server installation

A correctly-designed computer network will minimize computer and network loading times that can negatively impact productivity and in some cases even moral. Just like a fine tuned engine, all components of your network must work optimally and together. Servers, Pc’s, workstations, cables, switches, WIFI, Range extenders etc., we have years of knowledge and expertise behind us allowing for peace of mind. We ensure your systems are proficient enough to accomplish more that just its current tasks, without being more than you need, we designing a system that is able to grow with your business, home, or yacht as and when necessary.

File and Print Servers

Not only is it important to have a proficient hardware at your workstations etc,. its also important that your, employees or have access to the data they need when they need it. Our server installations and maintenance support services we organize file sharing and printer usage so that your computer and server systems run smoothly.
WAN and VPN. “Wide Area Networks” and “Virtual Private Networks” are important for today’s global and remote business environments. We ensure you and your employees can access their work files conveniently and securely wherever they may be.

Network and server Cabling

Our cabling services will create an easy, workable server and network, No more cable mess! building code violations and fire hazards. In some cases is can be the largest and most complicated portion of a network server installation, but our professional Mallorca server and network technicians make sure even the relatively invisible footprint of your cabling is correctly installed and diligently marked and organised. They are highly trained to cleanly install, make and label cables so they can be easily identified.

Computer and server relocation and setup

We very safely disconnect, transport, and reconnect your Servers, workstations, printers, phones etc, saving you time & money while maintaining productivity. Whether you want to move an un-racked servers to the next office, or de-install and reinstall your entire IT network system from an office to a luxury yacht, our trained engineers and logistics experts understand how valuable your business’s data assets are and operate with the utmost care to your timeline.

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